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The Osanri Choi Jasil Memorial Fasting Prayer Mountain, a garden of grace and miracles where people from around the world gather, is always open to those who wish to fast and pray. This interdenominational garden of prayer was established in 1973.

About Us

To loose the chains of injustice (Isa. 58:6)

Fasting before God, tearing our hearts, and crying out to Yahweh to return to Him, the God who created mankind will heal all our diseases. Fasting and prayer are the secrets to curing both spiritual and physical ailments.

Osanri Prayer Mountain is...

A garden of grace and miracles where people from around the world gather, is always open to those who wish to fast and pray. It is an interdenominational garden of prayer, established in 1973.

Since its establishment, many believers have come to fast and pray through the night, experiencing the gifts of the Holy Spirit such as speaking in tongues and healing grace. The number of believers visiting the prayer mountain has continuously increased, leading to the construction and expansion of the temple and its auxiliary facilities.

In 1978, a sanctuary and accommodations capable of hosting 5,000 worshippers were established. By September 1982, a grand sanctuary with a capacity for 10,000 people and two additional sanctuaries for 5,000 worshippers to use for worship and accommodations were completed. Currently, the number of these additional sanctuaries has expanded to 11 buildings, allowing a total of 20,000 worshippers to worship simultaneously.

The Prayer Mountain is fully equipped with modern accommodations such as the House of Sarang(Love) and prayer caves for individual prayer, along with facilities like a welfare hall. The Prayer Mountain hosts 1,512 speakers annually, conducting services four times a day, including the Friday overnight service, 365 days a year. Among these, special revival meetings organized by interdenominational speakers take place every week from Monday to Friday.

During worship services every Tuesday and Thursday, all ministers perform the laying on of hands. With passionate praise led by gospel singers at every service, attendees experience a time of fullness of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts. Relying on the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit, we provide three daily counseling and prayer sessions 365 days a year to assist those who come to the prayer mountain suffering from various diseases of spirit, soul, and body.

The Prayer Mountain is sought after by believers from various denominations, with 40% from the Presbyterian Church, 36% from the Yoido Full Gospel Church, and the remaining 24% comprising Methodists, Holiness, Baptists, and other denominations. The number of international visitors is increasing daily, with over 10,000 foreign believers visiting each year to fervently pray.

The Friday Night devotional service is a time of grace, inviting pastors who have found success in ministry from across the nation, and ensuring a fervent service through the laying on of hands by all ministers for the congregation. Additionally, to foster a sense of unity with the Yoido Main Sanctuary, the Wednesday second service and Sunday second service are conducted via live video link. For the convenience of those visiting the Prayer Mountain, a shuttle bus runs every hour, 365 days a year, between Yoido, Seoul and the Prayer Mountain

Prayer Mountain

1968.7: The Yoido Full Gospel Church acquired permission from the Governor of Gyeonggi Province to use land at mountain 83, 86, and 77-1, Osan-ri, Jori-myeon, Paju-gun, Gyeonggi-do, as the church's cemetery.

1973.3: Inspired by the heartfelt prayers of Pastor David Yonggi Cho and Pastor Choi Ja-sil, and through a revelation from God, the church decided to establish a prayer site exclusively for its congregation on mountain 77-1, naming it “Osanri Fasting Prayer Mountain.”

1979.10: The Mission Center was completed (1 underground floor / 3 above-ground floors, 27,256.73 square feet).

1981.2: Groundbreaking of the main sanctuary (2 underground floors / 2 above-ground floors, 104,045.28 square feet).

1982.10: The main sanctuary, including the Hallelujah and Bethesda sanctuaries, was completed and dedicated.

1983.3: Renamed to “Yoido Full Gospel International Fasting Prayer Mountain.”

1986.10: Seungni(Victory) Road (Apostle Road No. 1) opened.

1986.12: Sarang(Love) House was completed (1 underground floor / 3 above-ground floors, 2,345 pyeong).

1987.8: Gethsemane lodgings were completed (ministers' office, counseling rooms, pastor’s quarters).

1987.9: The Pal-Gak-Jjong(Octagonal pavilion, information center) was completed, and Bethel Park was established.

1987.11: 88 new prayer caves were built (total of 212 prayer caves).

1988.3: Groundbreaking of the Welfare Building.

1989.6: The Welfare Building was completed (Bethel, Shalom, and Eden sanctuaries, dining hall, convenience store, bookstore, and lounge; 1 underground floor / 2 above-ground floors, 1,172 pyeong).

1989.9: Construction of Siloam Sanctuary.

1989.12: Completion of a 1,000-ton water tank (total capacity of 1,925 tons including others).

1990.1: Renamed to “Osanri Choi Ja-sil Memorial Prayer Mountain.”

1992.5: Groundbreaking for the retired ministers and active staff lodging.

1993.4: The lodging for retired ministers and active staff was completed (2 underground floors / 5 above-ground floors, 876 pyeong).

1994.6: The comprehensive sports field was completed.

1995.10: A large bus parking lot (capacity for 150 buses) was completed.

1999.12: Renovation of the Mission Center was completed.

2001.12: Renovation of the pastor’s quarters, Faith House, and annex completed.

2004.11: Gethsemane prayer caves were completed (112 caves).

2005.7: Establishment of a grass field and the repair of tennis, soccer, and volleyball courts.


2020.6: Dedication of the Jerusalem and Siloam Sanctuaries.

2020.10: Completion ceremony for the remodeling of the main sanctuary bathrooms.

Serving Leaders

The late Rev. David Yonggi Cho

Former Senior Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church

Rev. Young-Hoon Lee

Senior Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church

Rev. Won-Chul Kim

Director of the Prayer Mountain

Elder Tae-geun Kang

Prayer Mountain, Retreat Center

General Director


1. Using the Prayer Mountain Shuttle Bus

Yoido Full Gospel Church

Jungbalsan Station (Subway Line 3) Exit 3

Osanri Prayer Mountain

Boarding LocationDropping LocationDurationNotes
In front of Yoido Full Gospel Church Youngsan Welfare CenterPrayer Mountain Entrance1 hour 
Jeongbalsan Station Exit 3 (Subway Line 3)Prayer Mountain Entrance30 minutes30 minutes travel time from the church

2. Using Public Buses

Boarding LocationDropping LocationDurationNotes
Yeonsinnae Station Exit 3 (Subway Line 3), Board bus no. 31 at Yeonsinnae Station, Yeonseo Market (Middle)Get off at Osanri Prayer Mountain1 hour 10 minutes10 minutes walk

3. Prayer Mountain Shuttle Bus Schedule

From Yoido Full Gospel Church to Prayer MountainFrom Prayer Mountain to Yoido Full Gospel Church

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