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Meet the Lord through Worship, the Word, and Prayer

About Osanri Prayer Mountain

To loose the chains of injustice (Isa. 58:6)

When we fast before God, tear our hearts, and cry out to Yahweh, the God who created mankind will heal all our diseases. Fasting and prayer are the secret to curing both spiritual and physical ailments.

Osanri Prayer Mountain is...

The Osanri Prayer Mountain, a garden of grace and miracles where people from around the world gather, is always open to those who wish to fast and pray. It is an interdenominational garden of prayer, established in 1973.

Since its establishment, many believers have come to fast and pray through the night, experiencing the gifts of the Holy Spirit such as speaking in tongues and healing grace. The number of believers visiting the prayer mountain has continuously increased, leading to the construction and expansion of the temple and its auxiliary facilities…


365 Daily Worship

An inspiring worship service to restore love and passion for the Lord

2nd Service

Healing Time

3rd Service

The time of the Holy Spirit

Friday Night Service
Saturday Praise Service

Full of Grace

The Osanri Prayer Mountain holds a time of grace during every service, and all ministers perform the laying on of hands to ensure a fervent worship experience for the congregation. Additionally, the second service (at 10:30 AM) and the third service (at 2:30 PM) are broadcast live every day, allowing believers around the world to join in worship.



The Osanri Prayer Mountain prioritizes providing a safe environment, including sanctuaries and accommodations, so that believers can worship with peace of mind. It also strictly maintains hygiene and disease prevention measures.

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